Sequin sweatpants by Haute Hippie: for glamorous lounging

sequin-sweatpantsSweatpants. They’re not the first things that come to mind when we hear the words “glamour”, or, indeed “sequins”, but those associations were clearly present for the designers at Haute Hippie, who decided that sequin-encrusted sweats were just what the doctor ordered.

They were also present at UK Vogue this month, who say the sweatpant is THE trouser to be seen in at the moment (And not just sequined ones, either), although they must always, always be worn with heel.

We’re surprised to note that we don’t actually hate these, but we can’t imagine wearing them, either. Can you? If so, they’ll cost you a little more than most sweatpants: they’re $295 at Shopbop.

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