Send us your holiday sweaters!


Since our post on Christmas sweaters yesterday, a few of you have contacted us with pictures of holiday sweaters of your own – or ones that you’ve found on the web, anyway: we’re sure none of you would actually buy holiday sweaters yourself – would you?

Well, we must be mad, but… we’d like to see some more, please. So here’s the deal: you hunt down the most heinous holiday sweaters in the world, send us your pictures or links, and we’ll whittle them down to create a Top Ten of Ugly Sweaters in time for Christmas. The sweaters can be ones you’ve found online, or, if you’re really brave, ones that have been bought for you. We don’t care where you find ’em, we just care that they’re ugly: and given that all holiday sweaters are ugly by default, that shouldn’t be too tough now, should it?

Send your sweaters to [email protected] – we’ll do the rest!

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