Sack the Stylist: See-through tops at Next


  In defence of the items you see before you, we have to point out that they are not, in themselves, crimes of fashion. It’s just BY themselves that they become crimes of fashion – i.e. when there’s nothing underneath them but a fairly matronly looking bra. These tops presumably aren’t meant to be worn like that, though (are they?) which begs the question: why on earth would Next allow them to be photographed like that?

The top on the left looks like the kind of wardrobe malfunction you’d have if you didn’t realise quite how see-through your top was when you put it on, and then stepped into a brightly-lit room. The one on the right looks… well, the same, basically.

Just to add insult to injury, further investigation by The Fashion Police revealed that the blue top actually comes with a “detachable cami”. Which the stylist presumably… detached… for the purposes of this photo. WHY? Why would you do that to some poor model?

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