Introducing the See-Through-Skirt, by Public Beware


We’ve already become familiar (over-familiar, in fact), with the Crime of Fashion that is the see through pant – or “shant” – over the past few months. Now, though, it’s time to brace yourselves for a new horror as, with fear in our hearts, we introduce you to the See Through Skirt (Shkirt?), seen here at This garment actually commits three Fashion Crimes in one fell swoop:


2. It’s not actually a skirt at all, but at dress which has been cunningly crafted to look like a skirt and top held together with braces. So, in other words, it’s an example of Clothes That Are Stuck Together.

3. Did we mention that it’s SEE THROUGH?

Ok, so that’s technically only two Crimes of Fashion. I would have made the braces number three, but I’m aware that my “thing” about braces is a personal, probably-irrational dislike, given that lots of people seem to like them. Will lots of people like Public Beware’s ‘Top With Braces’ combo, though? Over to you…

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