See by Chloé patchwork high rise skinny jeans

See by Chloe patchwork high rise skinny jeansSometimes the clue is in the title. Patchwork + high rise + skinny has got to = disaster, right?

Back in 70s Britain there was a comedy show called The Good Life, on which Tom and Barbara struggled to live a sustainable lifestyle out of their own back garden. In one particularly memorable episode, Barbara decides to upcycle a couple of pairs of worn-through work trousers by patchworking bits of different trousers together…

Can you see where we’re going with this?

Sustainability aside, the Fashion Police are of the opinion that patchwork should be restricted to those under 4 years old. On toddlers it’s cute – everyone else should leave well enough alone.

But perhaps you disagree? If so, you can grab yourself a sturdy new pair of See by Chloe trousers for just £235, available from Net-a-Porter.

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