Crime of Fashion: See by Chloe Dungaree Dress


Now, Chloe, I want you to know that it hurts us just as much as it hurts you to be calling one of your pieces a crime of fashion. You know The Fashion Police love you, Chloe: what you should also know by now, though, is that The Fashion Police have a (some would say irrational) hatred of anything to which the word “dungaree” could be implied. Dresses. Pants. It’s all the same to us, Chloe: if it has that distinctive “dungaree” look, we’re going to call “crime of fashion!” on it. We see no reason whatsoever why grown women should want to dress as giant toddlers – or giant, pregnant toddlers, as this dress would make us all look. Sorry, Chloe, but it had to be said…

Topshop’s Maxi Dungaree Dress

Topshop's Maxi Dungaree Dress

I’ve just double checked the calendar, but nope, it’s definitely not April 1st, so I can only assume that Topshop are being serious when they expect us to fork out £90 – NINETY POUNDS, PEOPLE! – for this dress. And OK, my own hatred for anything with the word “dungaree” in the title is well documented, but seriously, I’ve thought long and hard, and I just can’t imagine anyone who’d look good in something like this. I mean, the dress looks pregnant, even without a body in it. NINETY POUNDS they want for this – they done lost their minds…

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