Seasonless Dressing: do you do it? (Alexa Chung and Kelly Osbourne do)


We've spoken about the issue of opaque tights in summer before, but lately the lines between "summer" and "winter" fashion seem to have become even more blurred, and while summer always brings the usual crop of people in shorts and cotton dresses, our officers are also reporting lots of sightings of people wearing more or less the same thing they'd wear in winter: thick tights, boots, you name it.

Take this picture of Alexa Chung and Kelly Osbourne filming Alexa's 'It's On' for MTV this week in New York. They both look fantastic, but if we didn't know it was the middle of July, we could easily have been convinced that this was shot in winter – and Alexa is far from the only one wearing black tights in July.

Of course, there's a definite argument that opaque tights are no warmer to wear than trousers or jeans – and lots of people wear those in the height of summer – so we're wondering what everyone thinks of this mode of "seasonless" dressing. Do you have distinct wardrobes for different seasons, reserving boots and tights for winter and shorts and sundresses for the warmer months, or is it a case of "anything goes", and totally dependent on what the weather happens to be doing that day? Tell us!

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