It looks cheap and lazy. Not in a hundred years. …

Comment on Scrunchies are making a comeback: will you wear one? by Claire.

It looks cheap and lazy. Not in a hundred years.

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90s-style chokers make a comeback at River Island
I remember these, and I’ve seen them on girls around campus just in the past couple days. I’m not pleased about either the ’90s or the ’70s coming back – can’t we just let them die the ignominious death they deserve?

Tie your Lagerfeld scarf to your dead, says Net-a-Porter
I can’t imagine what that could even be a typo for.

Style Trial | The Mullet Mini Skirt
It’s fine by me. It’s rather more subtle than many of its brethren, so it seems like less of a “Look at me! I’m ON TREND!” and more just a detail that adds visual interest.

Fashion Crime Friday | Body Parts, and other crimes of fashion
I actually think those shoes are kinda cool, in an art-y way. Wouldn’t ever wear them, though.

Fashion Police at the Duke of Cambridge’s Gala Dinner for the Royal Marsden
Yes, Kate Moss does look a little oversexy for a royal event, and the dress is not very becoming on her either. Zhang Ziyi looks especially nice.

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