My mom grow up in the 80:s so we still …

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My mom grow up in the 80:s so we still have some laying around, i actually like them alot! I don’t have them in school but it’s perfect on a lazy day or if you just want you hair out of your face!

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Fashion Confessions: The mailman thinks I never get dressed
I emailed this to you bad i got a mail back from the “postmaster” saying something about a delay so i just post it here.

Hi, Amber! This is my fashion confession, also i would like to add that english isnt my first language, so the grammar is not so good. But ive tried my best to write something that maybe can be published. Thank you 🙂 //Lovisa

I have a fashon confession to make
Before I confess what it is I have to tell something about me. Im 15 years old, currenty living in Sweden and me and fashion haven`t always been so close. In 6:th grade i had awful fashion sense. Once I wore a pink tshirt with a print in black text and spangles that said “I love myself” And It seriously gets a lot worse, i matched my ego/snobby tshirt with a cheap purple heartshaped plastic necklace. I bought it for 7 dollars at the childs department on H&M. I know right, who shops there? I did, but in my defense it was just a few times! However to my obviously showing plastic necklace i wore washed-out jeans with real holes on the knees. I was so not cool, And had the lowest self-confidence in the world! I was the most shy kid in school. I kept a lot to myself and sneaked away to be alone so I could read. I loved Meg Cabots books (still do) The princess diares was my everything back then. I read all the ten books in 4 months.

Other outfits i remember is My the animal printed tank tops with cardigans and shorts with tights underneath. I wore tights with different funny patterns… And the worst. Gladiator- sandals with socks. Not lowcut socks even, really high socks. I could post picture of my outfits if it will make someones day. And the funny/sad thing in this is that i had a fashion blog. Couldn’t someone just tell me my outifts were really ugly? That’s was the bottom of my fashion disaster journey, and then it actually started to get better. My fashion sense just kept improving and my self-confidence got better and better, atleast in my opinion.(About the fashion sense) Maybe in three years i will be ashamed of my outfits today. I reallly hope not, becuse im proud of my style today. It’s like a wonderful mix of preppy clothes and casual chlothes with a little punk edge.

You might think my fashion confession is about the fact that I had horrible bad fashion sense when I was 12, which would be a really funny story. But It actually isn’t, my confession is also a problem. I can put it like this, my favourite movie is confessions of a shopaholic. The movie is about Becky a journalist and also a shopaholic. Right after she finds out she has spent 900 dollars she go right to a store to buy more. She has a problem, just like me. But Im the opposite of a shopaholic, im a “can not buy-holic”. If that’s even a word. (I checked it isn’t.) That is my fashion confession. I can’t buy stuff. It is a real problem for me! If I go to a store thinking that I desperately need new socks or a new winter-jacket. I pick one out then I check the price, then I put It back and I try it on ,I put it back I check the price, and then I stand there for 30 minutes making a list in my head with reasons if I need it or not. “Do I need this?, do I really need this?” And I don’t buy it, i go buy something that is cheaper but i really dont need it. And the next day in school im freezing because instead of buying that jacket I figured I could save money and wear my old hoodie. Its not that i cant afford it, i just cant buy it.

PS: If this actually gets published could you sign it as by “the girl in the green scarf” Or “The girl in the cheap scarf” It would be really funny.

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