I actually tried to do that advice but I can’t …

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I actually tried to do that advice but I can’t do it. If I don’t wash my hair I feel nasty. I can only stay like that for a day. I really don’t know how people can spend a week or more without washing. But when they do, they’re hair really looks way better than mine. However, your scrunchies theory really makes sense.

Scrunchies are way more pratical for those “I didn’t wash my hair days”.

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Scrunchies are making a comeback: will you wear one?
I only wear it at home because it does less damage to the hair. The scrunchies are my best friends during heat waves. But I don’t wear it outside my home because it just looks ridiculous.

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I avoid to look at the manequins. Even if they make larger ones, mannequins, unlike real people, don’t have problems like cellulite and are completely proportional. I pick up the clothes and see if they are ok to my frame.

However, I do think they should have multiple mannequin sizes with clothes that would look good to most people of that “weight”.

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He did mention communist China, not the actual one. And back there they had very limited options.

Anyways, I agree with the exclusivity of some items. If I’m paying a high price for something I expect to not see another chick on my street with the same things.

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I kinda like the jumpsuit. Yes, even I can’t believe it. However I wouldn’t wear it because I’m short and It would look weird.

But those pants…oh god. Why would someone want to look like they are in their time of the month or as if they just survived a nasty train crash?

And those shorts remind me of a shorter version of the underwear men used before someone invented proper underwear.

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They are adorable, but look a little bit to childish. If they were flats, it would be great for kids.

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It really depends on the type of work. If for whatever reason you need to do skype video calls you should look presentable.

And even if you don’t do video calls, my advice is to dress in a way that won’t embarass you If you get a surprise visit or have to open the door to the mailman.

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