Scary Swimwear: Zimmermann Bo Feather Lace Up One Piece

Swimsuit_scareThe Fashion Police have just booked a winter getaway, in a bid to try and recharge the old batteries after a hard year on the beat, fighting those crimes of fashion. And also to try and make sure there’s no chance of us catching sight of a pair of those Crocs boots for a couple of weeks at least.

This means that while everyone else is buying coats and boots, we’re busy looking at swimwear and sandals – no easy task when the stores are all stocked up for winter, so we were pleased to see that Shopbop alone appeared to be in-step with us this week, with a new delivery of swimsuits. And then we saw this, and died a little inside, because in addition to the almighty tan lines this beast is sure to create, it also seems to come with special little “windows” for our rolls of flesh to hang out of.

Looks like our search for swimwear is still on, then…

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