If you saw it in a thrift store…

… would you pay £50 for this playsuit?

denim playsuit

We’re going to go with “no” on this one – in fact, we’d probably take one look at it and wonder how on earth the staff in the store had let something so obviously past its best under their radar… and who on earth would buy it. If we looked at the price label and saw it was £50, we’d be even MORE amazed – even if it still had the tags on, and was obviously unworn: and we’d be even LESS likely to buy it, obviously!

Of course, taste is subjective, and for every officer out there who wouldn’t wear this playsuit even if you paid HER £50, there’s another who’d happily pay twice as much for the privilege – isn’t fashion a wonderful thing?

Here are some other playsuits that have caught the attention of our officers lately…

strange playsuit

This one looks like some kind of wardrobe malfunction in progress – or, alternatively, some strange kind of crocheted jellyfish. You know those heart-sinking moments when you step outside in a floaty skirt, and the wind blows it right up in your face? That moment can be a permanent one, with the help of this playsuit – at least you’ll know you’re wearing your most sensible bloomers underneath, though!

denim playsuit

This one, meanwhile, goes a long way towards convincing us that denim playsuits are just a bad idea, all round. Er, at least it’s probably practical for… something? Days when it’s cold enough for long sleeved denim, but warm enough for shorts, maybe? We have no idea: but if there’s a denim jumpsuit out there that’s NOT a crime of fashion, we’d really like to see it. (No, really, we’d love to see this mythical item, because until we do, we just won’t believe it exists…)

P.S. Want to look at some cute stuff, rather than fashion crimes? Head over to our sister site ShoeperWoman, for fashion, beauty and lifestyle topics and advice – and not a denim jumpsuit in sight!

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