Save or Splurge? Erdem vs Topshop red lace 3/4 sleeve dresses

Two very pretty dresses with two very different price tags!

Ok, so we’ll admit that the lace on the Erdem dress looks finer, softer, that little more delicate than on the Topshop. But to justify the price tag it would need to be bought for a somewhat special occasion. And the Fashion Police being the clumsy sort, we can almost guarantee that the lace would get caught on something or someone at some point in the evening, resulting in much wailing and teeth-gnashing in anguish…

Yup, from our perspective it’s better to be on the safer side and go for the save. But what about you? Would you splash out on Erdem’s Margot lace dress, or hover under £50 with Topshop’s three quarter sleeve red lace number?

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