Save or Splurge: bow headbands

Bow_headbandsWe’ve been wearing a lot of bow headbands lately, and not just because we watch too much Gossip Girl and secretly want to be part of Blair’s clique. These are everywhere right now (probably because of the aforementioned Blair Waldorf), but how much would you actually spend on one, assuming you were going to buy one?

Well, if money was no object, we’d love to add the Anna Vince alice band on the left of the picture above to our growing collection, but £120 seems like just a wee bit much for something we’ll probably fall out of love with by the end of the season, so we think we’d probably play sensible here and go for the £4 ASOS version which is out of stock at the moment, but versions of which can no doubt be found in stores all over the world for a similar price.

Which would you buy? Would you save or splurge?

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