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Sass & Bide’s Like Minded People pants: are you a like minded person?

$600 sweat pants are always going to be just a little bit problematic for The Fashion Police, but with these ones, Sass & Bide have at least tried to do something to justify that price. Here’s what they’ve done:

The worlds of leisure-wear and over-accessorising collide, in the most puzzling of ways, especially given that only those people who exist at knee-height will get the full benefit of these pants, which have been embellished with crosses, hoops, stars, tusks, kitchen sinks…

What do you think of them? A great way to jazz up your old sweatpants? Are you, even now, looking for an old pair of joggers you sew some embellishments on to? Or will you just head over to Net-a-Porter, and buy these ones for £410?

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