Sass & Bide make another attempt to get you to wear your PJs in public

Checked pyjama bottoms by Sass & Bide


Comfortable, elastic waistband? Loud, plaid pattern? Yes, we’re dealing with a Pyjamas in Public situation, folks: can someone call in the special forces?

Designer PJs have always puzzled and appalled us. For one thing, you’re paying $365 for a pair of PJ bottoms, when you could get exactly the same look for a mere fraction of the price at Target. Or, you know, anywhere else that sells ACTUAL sleepwear. For another thing? You’re out in public in your pyjamas. Or, at least, you look like you are. Those stilettos are fooling no one, sister: wear these, and you may as well not bother getting dressed at all – just roll out of bed, slip on some shoes, and you’re out the door!

Would you be able to wear these in Tesco, though? We think you’d get thrown out, no matter how many times you yelled, “But they’re SASS & BIDE!” What do you think?

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