Sarah Michelle Gellar wears Louboutins, play-suit and two dogs to open the Harrods summer sale. Fashion Police speechless.


You know how we feel about playsuits. We know how we feel about playsuits. Hell, everybody knows how we feel about playsuits. Well, everybody except ol’ Buffy, here, obviously. Sarah Michelle Gellar obviously doesn’t know how we feel about playsuits, because she’s wearing a playsuit. I wonder how many more times I could get the word "playsuits" into this paragraph? Playsuits, playsuits, playsuits. There.

Thing is, though, I’m actually thinking I may have to eat my own words here, because actually? I’m quite liking SMG in this here playsuit. Yes, I did just use the words "playsuit" and "like" in the same sentence. I know, I know. But there’s no denying (or maybe there is, and if there is, I’m sure you’ll tell me) that she looks pretty good. Love the Louboutins, love her figure. Love the hair. Not quite sure what’s goin’ on with the dog accessories, but, y’know… nice puppies.

* Oh, and we’re speechless because we like it, by the way…


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