Who said hoodies were boring?

tulle hoodie

Ah, the humble hoodie! It’s probably never going to be considered the most stylish item of clothing out there (Then again, we said that about Birkenstocks, and look what happened there. Never say ‘never’, Fashion Force…), but they’re one of those items most of us own anyway. They come in handy when you’re cuddled up on the couch, say, or going for a run on a chilly day. We at The Fashion Police wouldn’t be without a good hoodie or two, but now that we’ve seen this one┬áby Nicopanda, we have to say, we’re looking at hoodies in a while new light.

This is a basic black hoodie, of the type you see everywhere. There’s one important exception, however. Can you guess what is is? You got it – this is a $450 black hoodie, and the REASON it’s a $450 hoodie is all down to that interesting black tulle cape that’s attached to it, allowing the wearer to pretend to be some kind of exotic, hoodie-clad insect. All of a sudden, that standard grey hoodie, purchased from a tourist store in San Francisco (You may scoff, but it’s the warmest thing ever…) just doesn’t measure up. Why do OUR hoodies not have tulle capes, we find ourselves wondering? And what would we wear with them if they did?

Well, we can’t answer the first question, but we do have a suggestion for the second: we’d wear the Nicopanda fishnet dress with it, of course!

Nicopanda fishnet dress

Compared to the hoodie, this is a snip at $375, and we know we don’t have to tell you this (because you’re fashion-forward and edgy, obviously), but the important thing here is to remember to wear it with white ankle socks and chunky white sneakers. Because what else would you wear with a totally sheer black dress? Exactly.


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