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Saggy Butts are the New Drop-Crotch Pants

[image removed at the request of the company]

Oh dear: despite claiming that this post sent them tons of traffic and helped them sell lots of clothes (they’re the ones commenting as “Get a Life” below), Mary Meyer Clothing, who were the sellers of the item featured here, have taken great offense at the post which originally occupied this space, and threatened to set their lawyers on us unless we removed the images.

We’re duly complying with that request, but will point out that this is a humour site, which doesn’t seek to cause any offense to the retailers whose products we poke gentle fun at. At the end of the day, when you set up a fashion brand, not everyone will love what you do, and you can’t really stop people from having or expressing an opinion about it. Luckily for us, most of the brands featured here are able to have a sense of humour about their appearances on TFP, and realise that the traffic we send them is a reasonable trade-off: after all, not all of our readers will agree with us that the item featured is ugly, and those who like it will buy it regardless of what we say about it – we’re just not that important, although we are, of course, flattered that some people apparently think we are. In other words, all visitors are prospective customers, regardless of how they got there, so telling us you don’t want our traffic is a little bit like cutting your nose off to spite your face, especially when you’ve just left us a snarky comment giving your email address as “youhelpedussellourproduct”.

Still, as we say, we’re not here to cause offense, and it’s clear from the tone of the comments from this company and their threat of legal action that they’ve been taken the post very seriously, so it’s now been removed. Now, on with the show…

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