Ruffled dress by Felder Felder – um, is that something growing on your chest?

Ruffled_dress The "ruffles" section of our Crimes of Fashion portfolio grows bigger by the day right now, and every time we think we’ve seen everything the world of ruffles has to offer, something new comes along to make us rub our eyes in horror.

Something like this.

Now, we love the colour, and the part of the dress that isn’t covered in that growth-like ruffle outbreak looks passable too. But what gives with all those ruffles, Felder Felder? Yes, we know all of the other designers are doing it, but if all of the other designers jumped into the fire, would you go too?

On the other hand, this would be perfect for anyone who really, really wants to hide their small boobs. It’s £980 at Browns.

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