Roland Mouret’s £577 bodysuit

Mouret_jumpsuitAs regular readers are doubtless aware, The Fashion Police are big Roland Mouret fans, so when first we laid eyes on this little number over at Net-a-Porter, we were ever so slightly taken aback, believing, as we did, that it was supposed to be worn exactly as shown.

Then, on second glance, we thought it might actually make quite a stylish super-hero outfit. In fact, yes, we could totally get on board with that! Wow, Roland Mouret is a genius, isn’t he? Only he would think to cater to the much neglected ‘Superhero’ demographic!

On a third and final look, however, we realised it’s just a bodysuit. A lovely bodysuit, as bodysuits go, but still, a bodysuit. A £577 one. A case of Daylight Robbery, do you think? Or is it worth every penny?


  • January 7, 2009


    Ah, no. I have a red sleeveless shirt…and black undies…and they didn’t cost anywhere near that much…not even close.

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  • January 8, 2009

    Amanda Nicole

    WHAT is with the gymnastic suit trend? Are pants blase? I blame Beyonce’s “Put a Ring on It” video. And Katy Perry. I blame Katy Perry for world hunger and war also.

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  • January 8, 2009


    It’s all in a name…and thy name is Waste O’ Money.

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  • June 16, 2009


    I bet you that Lady Gaga will end up wearin this, with no pants of course.

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