Rochas sheer dress: possibly the worst case of Daylight Robbery ever recorded

This dress is £2,590 / $3,878.

CAN SOMEONE PLEASE EXPLAIN THIS TO US? Surely the Emperor isn’t wearing any clothes here?

Wait, though, there’s more. In fact, it would appear Rochas is the most dangerous criminal around when it comes to brazen acts of Daylight Robbery:

overpriced designer dresses

Wow. Just…wow.

While we’re on the subject of Rochas, we’d also like to call them out for this:

knitted fingerless gloves

Now, who doesn’t know someone who could knock up a pair of these in an afternoon? Are there any hands up? Anyone?  If you do happen to have your hand up, all we can say it it sucks to be you, because if you happened to know someone with these, er, mad skillz in the knitting department, they could be making £255 per pair, and they might just cut you in on the profits.

We’re SO in the wrong job, aren’t we?

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