Wanted! River Island’s smart jacket with tails

Tail_jacketWe all know that a good blazer is one of those “wardrobe staples” fashion mags are always banging on about, and that’s particularly true during the summer, when you can sling one on with a pair of jeans and a tank top and still look pulled together. A smart jacket is also a great buy during the Christmas party season, too, though, because few things look better thrown over a little party dress -just ask Gwyneth Paltrow if you don’t believe us.

Sure, this black tail jacket from River Island isn’t going to keep you warm, but if you’re doing a quick “car to bar” hop, or just want something to keep you warm once you’re inside your chosen venue, it’ll help reduce the girlieness of some party dresses, and will look equally good with jeans and heels. Oh, and you’ll get lots of use out of it next Spring/Summer, too. Which is precisely why it’s “Wanted”. Preferably alive.

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