River Island Spring/Summer 2014 preview

River Island pencil skirts

River Island Spring/Summer 2014

Continuing our spring forward (sorry) to SS 2014 fashion, here’s a quick look at some of the items you can expect to see from River Island next season.

RI impressed us this winter, with some fantastic skirts, knits and winter coats. This summer collection is a bit of a mixed bag: there are some migraine-inducing patterns in the form of garishly printed pants and tops, and we’re dismayed to see THAT Zara skort reborn at River Island. (To be fair, ever since Zara unleashed that skort upon us, lots of other brands have copied it, so River Island aren’t the only guilty party in this respect…) On the other hand, there are some pretty skirts and dresses, and quite a few pieces we’re earmarked for interrogation when they’re finally released.

Take a look at the gallery and give us your verdict!

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