River Island gold embroidered skater skirts

gold embroidered skater skirts

River Island skirts

River Island have been doing a great line in skater skirts this season. We featured some of their scuba skirts in our neoprene roundup last week, but it’s this gold textured number that really has our fingers hovering over the “buy now” button.

The basic shape of these skirts is, as we’ve mentioned numerous times now, an all-time favourite of ours, being one of those easy-to-wear shapes which you can dress up, dress down, dress any way you want, basically. We wouldn’t go so far as to say it will work for everyone (We don’t think there are many items of clothing THAT good), but River Island have certainly done their bit to make this skirt work for more people than might otherwise be the case, by releasing it in two different lengths. Our preference will always be for the good ol’ midi skirt, but for those of you who prefer your hems that little bit shorter, there’s also a mini version, too.

There are tons of circle skirts available right now, of course: some of them are reasonably affordable, while some are so expensive they make The Fashion Police weep. This skirt is notable, not only for its good looks, because its one of the few versions which LOOKS expensive without actually BEING expensive. The gold brocade fabric has a real “special occasion” feel to it, and while this COULD be dressed down if you wanted to, why fight the impulse to dress it up, as it clearly deserves? We’d wear it with a fluffy cream sweater and a pair of gold stilettos (River Island have these ones for £45), and think it would make a nice Christmas Day outfit, say. NOT, we hasten to add, that we’re thinking about Christmas. Yet.

The midi version of this skirt will cost you £40, while the mini is a little less expensive, at £30. Get them both at River Island.

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