Comme des Garcons apply the ‘badly laddered tights’ effect to trousers


Before we look at this poor model’s Comme des Garcon trousers in any great detail, let’s first of all take a moment to reflect on her good luck in escaping the pack of rapid dogs who clearly attacked her moments before this photo was taken. Those dogs ripped the bottom of her pants clean off, and they got their teeth and claws into the rest of them, too, but somehow she got through it, to stand before us, unbowed. Bravo, that model!

Now, let’s talk about the trousers, if we may. What we have here is your basic "ripped tights" effect, a la Alexander Wang at New York Fashion Week. We didn’t like it as applied to hosiery, and we like it even less on a pair of pants – especially when the "ladders" are cunningly contrived to sit right over the butt, thus offering a "tantalising" glimpse of the wearer’s underwear. Nice.

Now, we at The Fashion Police firmly believe that underwear should be shown off only in the privacy of one’s own home, and that laddered tights/trousers should be thrown in the bin, where they belong. So while we applaud this model’s efforts in escaping from that pack of rabid dogs, we’d still like to throw her pants to the wolves…

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