For my 40th birthday, my hubby gave me “new thighs” …

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For my 40th birthday, my hubby gave me “new thighs” — we paid GOOD money to get rid of the spurge of my inherited body style (thunder thighs with an 18″ waist). There is NO WAY I’d pay more money to make them look big again.

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Important Message about The Fashion Police and Heart Internet web hosting
How the h#ll does a professional hosting company screw up that badly? Sheesh. Good thing you had your own backups. I’m sorry you’re having to go through all this. They owe you several months of free service, both for their screw up and for compensation of your time doing the recovery they couldn’t seem to manage to do.

Mark Fast uses “plus sized” models in London Fashion Week Show
It is truly sad that normal-sized women are considered by the fashion industry to be “plus sized”. My grandmother, now SHE was plus-sized — she wore a size 24W. I have long had strong issues with the fashion industry for their attitudes toward women’s sizes. I felt this way even when I was a size 4 (sadly still considered “big” by fashion standards). Today I am a “mature” size 10, a size they would consider bordering on “plus”.

Dress of the Day: Miss Selfridge check panel detail dress
Fugly. The plaid is not flattering and the style is WAY too hippy.

Under Fashion Police Arrest: the jellyfish dress
These are incredibly tacky but I would soooo wear one to a costume party — I’d color my hair to match and go as a mermaid.

Style on Trial: floral print blazers
Having become an addict of “What Not to Wear” I can say with some authority that these blazers break multiple rules:
1. They are loud
2. They have no shape, which will make the wearer look fat and boxy
3. They are too long, which will make the wearer look short and dumpy
4. The stance (where the top button is) is far too low, which will make the wearer look like she has droopy boobs and no waist
5. They are double-breasted, which will make the wearer look very wide through the middle
You couldn’t give me one of these.

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