American Music Awards 2007 – Rihanna


Uh-oh. Did someone drive Rihanna to the American Music Awards, I wonder? Because I could swear those are handles sticking out the front of her dress. Either that or its some freaky Las Vegas slot machine game, where you grab hold of the sticky-out bits, give them a bit of a yank and… no, let’s not go there, actually.

Rihanna, you have been impeccably dressed lately, like a little baby fashion icon who we’ve loved watching. But what’s with the handles?!


  • November 19, 2007


    That is hideous. It looks like it’s been kicking around a much taller person’s wardrobe for a few years and the straps have somehow been stretched out of shape, leaving that funny bow-esque front panel a little too low for comfort.
    Also, am I the only one a little dubious about the return of crushed velvet? I was a big fan the first time round – I had crushed velvet mini dresses, crushed velvet leggings, crushed velvet tops, and a good few crushed velvet hats with big floppy flowers/bows on… actually, maybe my fashion crimes of the early 90s have simply scarred me for life where crushed velvet is concerned!

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  • November 19, 2007

    Janet C

    For my 40th birthday, my hubby gave me “new thighs” — we paid GOOD money to get rid of the spurge of my inherited body style (thunder thighs with an 18″ waist). There is NO WAY I’d pay more money to make them look big again.

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  • November 20, 2007

    French mean girl

    in French we call this “une cotte de maille”
    very ugly!

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