Crimes of Fashion

Ridiculous Runways: Cassette Playa Fall 2011

The Fashion Police have identified a new enemy. They’re known only as “The Gold People”. Here are some mugshots, to help you identify them …

Never try to approach The Gold People. Just get yourself to a place of safety, and call The Fashion Police.

We bet the girls just FLOCK to this guy.

Just to confuse matters, not all of The Gold People are actually gold. Some are simply from the 1980s, for instance.

And some are from children’s TV shows.  

Um, we’ve no idea where this one’s from, but put it this way: it sure ain’t Kansas…

This model’s face pretty much says it all, though:

Yes, that’s what we were thinking, too. Don’t worry, sweetie: maybe next season you can walk for Dior Homme or something?

What do you think, men? Are you feeling all inspired for Fall 2011 now?

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