Richard Nicholl’s printed dress scares us

This dress scares us. Not as much of the idea of people willingly wearing Crocs scares us, obviously, but close.

At first, we didn’t actually realise quite how much the dress was going to scare us. Sure, we were just a little freaked out by the idea of wearing a person on our, er, person. Having a second head just beneath our first head, another set of arms right next to the existing set. Bit trippy, no?

But at that point, we though the arm in the photo – the one touching the oversized lips of the photo – belonged to the model wearing the dress, and that it was emerging from some concealed pocked cunningly designed to look like a sleeve.

Then we realised that there WAS no model wearing the dress.

The dress is empty.

It was just three arms.

And when there IS someone wearing the dress?

Why, then that person appears to have FIVE ARMS, of course:

And now we won’t sleep tonight. Or possibly ever again.

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