Review | Oasis stripe bodycon knitted dress

Oasis stripe knit dress stripe bodycon dress

Suspect : Oasis stripe bodycon dress

Spotted at: Zalando

Price: £40

Officer’s Comments:

The words “horizontal stripe” and “bodycon” can be daunting enough on their own, but put them into the same item description and they’re enough to strike fear into this officer’s beating heart. This Oasis knit dress has appealed to me for a while now, though, so when Zalando offered to allow TFP to interrogate something from their women’s clothing section I decided to give it a go.

The first surprise with this one came in the colour: in all of the photos I’ve seen of this dress, it looked to be a cream and black stripe. In real life, however, it’s more of a black and tan/beige, as you can see from the photos, which I think are a better representation of the actual colour than the ones from Oasis:

stripe bodycon dress

As it happens, I actually prefer the tan/beige version: I feel it has less of a ‘Beetlejuice’ feel to it, and tan and black is also one of my favourite colour combinations at this time of year, so it’s all good: it is something to be aware of if you’re ordering this one, however.

As for the dress itself, well, it’s pretty much as described: a very fine-knit, stretch knit fabric, which is comfortable and easy to wear, and which feels good quality. Another thing to be aware of here is that Zalando’s sizing differs from Oasis’s sizing: I ordered the size 6/8 at Zalando, which is actually marked as “XS” on the label. The conversion seems to be pretty accurate, though, and I’d say the fit is true to size. It is a bodycon dress, so it’s designed to be form fitting, and for that reason it’s not particularly forgiving: I’ll probably wear it with either some shapewear or a slip underneath to smooth out any bumps, but overall the fit is what I expected, and thanks to the stretch fabric, it’s very comfortable to wear, unlike some bodycon styles, which can leave you feeling like you’re being squeezed to death. For reference, I’m just under 5″4, and it hits just below the knee, which I think is a good length for a dress in this style.

Overall, I really liked this: I know a lot of people are wary of horizontal stripes, but they’re a great way to create the illusion of curves, and I think this is the kind of dress that’ll work well worn casually with boots, or dressed up with heels. It’s also well-priced at £40, and good value for money, especially if, like me, you reply on knitted dresses to get you through the autumn/winter!

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