The reverse-heel-shoe trend is creeping up on us. Or is it?


You know, although there’s been a steady trickle of so-called "surreal" shoes appearing on the racks recently, we’re not sure this actually counts as a "trend" so much as "something designers would like us to think is a trend, but which real people probably won’t actually wear". Reversing heels isn’t a new idea, but when Marc Jacobs and Y-3 start doing it, others are likely to follow.

Most of you said you wouldn’t wear the Marc Jacobs shoes when they first appeared on the catwalk last year. Have you changed your mind any now that they’re actually available to buy? Are the Y-3 boots, which could almost pass as wedges, any more appealing?


  • March 13, 2008


    Well no, since they are fugly. The Marc Jacobs ones are quite pretty though… but I’d still prefer the regular heel-version.

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  • March 14, 2008


    I like the Marc Jacobs ones, they’re starting to grow on me. I can’t imagine what it must be like to walk in them though, how much weight can you put on your heels?
    One of my favourite things about walking in heels is the bitchy tapping noise when you walk, especially in stilettos 🙂 I guess I’d have to give that up…

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