How do u walk in these??? You would have to …

Comment on Reverse heel shoes on the high street: Moda in Pelle take notes from Marc Jacobs by Lulu.

how do u walk in these??? You would have to stand on tiptoes all the time.. at least you would have killer calves… but why would you? They’re uuuuugglllyyyy

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Dress of the Day: Divine bodice dress by Acquascutum
trick of the light I think, but i know a lot of people, me included would look very sickly in this colour dress

Zip-up socks by Leg Avenue
you so wouldn’t be able to wear shoes with these, they would chafe so bad and your ankle would bleed everywhere

Victoria Beckham spotted in Antonio Berardi heel-less boots
wow… i didn’t even look at david.. he looks like a salesman… I like the idea, and I’m impressed that she can walk in them but thigh high PVC is sooo very very very wrong

Hairy, scary ankle boots by Sergio Rossi
Project runway America, season 5 with that Chris guy that made his final outfits out of human hair and safety pins… Maybe he made a boot too.

Ugly Prom Dress of the Day: The dying swan
It looks like she woke up after a bad one night stand and wrapped a rug around herself and tied it with a bow… her pose doesn’t help either

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