I still don’t understand how these shoes work. How …

Comment on Reverse heel shoes on the high street: Moda in Pelle take notes from Marc Jacobs by Fi.

I still don’t understand how these shoes work. How do they not snap in half when you stand up in them?

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Do we have to wear the lampshades (or are they hats?) too?

Madonna for Louis Vuitton: what do you think?
You have to feel for Lourdes. Would you have wanted your mother doing that when you were a teenager?

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I’m totally buying these if they get reduced after Christmas!

George at Asda now offering online shopping
This is the best news I’ve heard all week! And what I particularly like is the large red ‘out of stock’ signs over some items. There is nothing more annoying than clicking all the way into an item, adding it to your basket and then finding it’s unavailable.

Pink double-breasted coat from Victoria’s Secret
That’s lovely. I have a pink coat this year.

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