Reverse heel shoes on the high street: Moda in Pelle take notes from Marc Jacobs


Moda in Pelle haven’t exactly been quick off the mark with this one. It is, after all, a whole year since Marc Jacobs’ reverse heel shoes appeared on the runway at New York Fashion Week, but, undaunted, the chain have just released their own version of the so-called "surreal" shoes. Their "Drea" pump is £90, and comes in black or red patent leather. The execution here isn’t nearly as good as on the Mark Jacobs originals, obviously, but they are the affordable version of the designer look, for those of you who said you loved it. Did you love it, though? Would you buy these, or do you think the reverse-heel moment has well and truly passed – and good riddance to it?

(Get them here if you answered "yes" to the first question…)

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