Return of the Smock Dress: what do you think of them?

Oh no, here we go again…

A few years ago, we couldn’t seem to go shopping without bumping into a rack of shapeless smock dresses. In fact, your Chief of Police didn’t buy dresses AT ALL for a couple of years, because for a while there they were all that seemed to be on offer. And now they’re on their way back, if the evidence shown above is to be believed.

These images aren’t part of some kind of freaky flashback to 1975, you see: these dresses are available to buy right now, from for £39 each. Generally described as “kind to the figure”, think these dresses are only “kind” insofar as they’ll make you look like you have no figure. At all. That’s a “kindness” we’d personally rather do without, thanks all the same, but we want to know what you think of the Return of the Smock? (See, it sounds like a horror movie, doesn’t it? And with good reason.) Would you wear one? Do you want to buy one? If you do, click here, and prepare to get your smock on.

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