Return of the saque back: as last seen in the 18th century!

Alessandra Rich cape-back crepe gown

Well, they say fashion is cyclical, but even we were surprised to see the saque back gown making a come back! 250 years ago, the French saque back was all the rage in the higher echelons of European society, with reams of pleated fabric falling from the shoulders to the floor, sometimes beyond.

In recent years, the closest we’ve come to replicating the look was a brief, shorter flirtation in the 60s – and, of course, the wedding train! Perhaps because we realised the enormous impracticality of dragging an excess of material around behind us…

But now, thanks to Alessandra Rich, you too can save the cleaners a chore and sweep up behind you! And all for a mere £1,560!

Buy the dress from Net-a-Porter.

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  • March 4, 2011


    Well it’s not for me – I don’t have a waist that tiny or a budget that large. But it’s different and on the right person it would look quite outstanding I think, certainly be a talking point anyway!!

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