Dress of the Day | ‘Renesmee’ black lace prom dress

black lace prom dress

‘Renesmee’ black lace prom dress, £59

OK, so before we go any further with this one, we’re all going to have to somehow find a way to get past the fact that this dress is named after the baby in Twilight. Unless, of course, there’s some other ‘Renesmee’ out there who’s well-enough known to have a dress named after her, and… we doubt it somehow.

Why is this dress named after a character from a vampire novel? Well, it does have a vaguely gothic feel to it, thanks to the scalloped lace and black fabric. We can’t say that “vampire baby” was the FIRST thing that came to mind when we found it, true, but if you’re looking for something a little more grown-up than that, it could be a nice choice for Halloween parties with a dress code which simply says “fancy”, rather than “fancy dress”.

Some great  things about this dress:

1. The scalloped hem: a really nice detail which adds to the baroque feel of the piece.

2. It has a built-in petticoat. We’ve always believed that a skirt just can’t ever be big enough – this one should be nice and full, for added drama.

3. The elasticated panel at the back, to ensure the perfect fit.

This is £59, which is a pretty reasonable price for an unusual dress which not everyone will have. Get it at Fashion Police favourite, Aspire Style.

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