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Style on Trial: Religion thread back chiffon shoulder top

Religion_shirtFrom the front, an unassuming white dress shirt. From the back, though… something else entirely. Yes, it’s what we tend to think of as the “mullet” style of dressing: business in front, party at the back, only in this case it was clearly some kind of “alternative” party, going by the shredded look of this shirt, which is £50 at ASOS.

What do we think of this then, readers? For us, it gets a thumbs-down: we’re not keen on surprises at the best of times, and when it comes to our clothes, we’d rather not be having the party in the back, thanks very much. We’re also not sure where we’d wear this: the back definitely wouldn’t be suitable for a day at the office (unless you work at a particularly easy-going office, of course), but the front seems just a little bit staid for anywhere you’d want to wear the back to. Of course, that whole contrast is presumably the selling point here, but does it sell it to you?

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