Reebok Reverse Jam Monopoly Board – for playful types

Monopoly_trainersIt’s a little known fact, but The Fashion Police are partial to the odd game of Monopoly – on the condition that we get to buy Park Lane and Mayfair, and be either the car or the little dog, of course. Oh, and also on condition that we don’t have to wear the board on our feet…

Not being fans of sneakers at the best of times, we probably wouldn’t wear Reebok’s Reverse Jam Monopoly Board Trainers, which will be available for around $75 dollars later this month, but we know lots of you would, so we’ll be interested to hear your thoughts on these.

We just can’t wait for the Cluedo version…*

*Note: there isn’t actually a Cluedo version, as far as we know. We just made that up.

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  • August 12, 2008


    This only deepens my perplexity of why Reebok is back at all.

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