Redfoot After Party Shoes – because after the party comes the sore feet


We’ve all seen them: the girls who start the evening looking perfectly stylish, but end it hobbling along like the walking wounded, because suddenly the high heels that seemed like such a good idea at the start of the night feel like instruments of torture by the end of it. Maybe we’ve even been one of those girls ourselves, limping home-wards and finally giving up, whipping off the stilettos and walking in our stockinged feet.

It’s not a great look, but it’s pretty painful on the ol’ feet, too, which is why Redfoot have created their After Party Shoes. These are basically soft little slipper-like shoes which fold up and fit into your handbag until such a time as you need them, at which point you just exchange them for the stilettos and know the bliss of comfortable feet once more.

There are lots of styles to choose for, including sandals, for summer use, and you can buy them for around £25 from Love Those Shoes.

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