Dress of the Day: Red Valentino hand painted floral silk dress

Red Valentino hand painted floral silk dress

Red Valentino hand painted floral silk dress, £599

This dress is possibly the girliest thing that’s ever existed. Naturally, then, some of you will absolutely hate it, for that very reason. Equally naturally, though, we couldn’t possibly have NOT shown you it. Us, resist the lure of a floral-print dress, with added bow? That’s never going to happen, which is why this random Tuesday morning in March is being brightened up (for us at least) by this Red Valentino hand painted floral silk dress.

We know what you’re thinking, though. “But Fashion Police,” you’re saying, “What kind of shoes would you wear with a dress such as this?” Well, we’d probably go with something like these, to pick up the blue in the dress and give a little nod to the bow:

blue slingback shoes with bow

Shoes: Rosegold Beattie, $188

Add a quick slick of pink lipstick, and you’re good to go: simple. If, of course, by “simple” you mean, “Really, really expensive.” Which, in this case, we totally do. Fantasy dress, fantasy price: it’s not ALWAYS the way it works, but it is in this case. Sorry about that.
outfit featuring floral bow dress and blue slingback shoes


And where would you wear it? Some kind of high-society event in the 1950s would be the obvious answer here, but other than that, most of us would probably find it pretty hard to justify our £599 on this one. A summer wedding would be a fairly safe bet, however, or any other kind of event with a similarly formal-yet-summery dress code. Where would you wear it, and what would you wear it WITH?

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