“Ooh, makeover!” Jennifer Aniston at the UK premiere of ‘Marley & Me’


  Sometimes when we look at Jennifer Aniston, we find ourselves coming over all Cher-from-Clueless. And don't get us wrong: Jen's gorgeous. She really is. And she has this casual/classic laid-back kinda thing going on that mostly works for her. But she's just so adorably clueless, isn't she? And, like Cher herself, sometimes when we see her step onto the red carpet we just want to whisk her away and dress her up in something that would really show Angelina who's boss flatter her and make everyone go "wow, Brad must be kicking himself now, no?"

So, while she's clearly very far from being a fashion criminal, we'd still get rid of this nonentity of a dress. We'd get rid of the boxy black jacket. We'd let her keep the hair and makeup, because it's very "Jen", and it suits her, but we'd put her in something with a bit more of a "wow" factor. We're just not sure what.

What about you, readers: how would you dress Jen, or do you think she's just fine as she is here?

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