Rear Window: Charlotte Kemp at the premiere of 50/50

Charlotte Kemp in a see through dress

So, here’s Charlotte Kemp at the premiere of 50/50 this week. Her dress isn’t terrible. OK, yes, it does kind of look like one wrong move and she’d be standing there naked. There is that.It’s just kind of hanging on her breasts in such a way that we can only pray that a LOT of tit tape was employed before she stepped outside in a strong breeze.

As it happens, though, the front of the dress is actually the least of Charlotte’s worries. Look:

Charlotte Kemp with no underwearWell, we guess if anyone was wondering what kind of underwear she was wearing, they have their answer:

Charlotte Kemp wears a see-through dress and no underwear on the red carpetNone, actually.

Makes you wonder what the point of wearing clothes at all was, doesn’t it?


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