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Real Life Fashion Police: Italian Town Bans “Very Short” Skirts and “Too Much” Cleavage

While the pronouncements of The Fashion Police on this site are intended purely for the purposes of entertainment (i.e. we may laugh at outrageous items of clothing, but we ultimately think people should wear whatever they like, within the bounds of decency), every so often our real life counterparts like to pop up and ban a particular item of clothing, and that’s what seems to have happened this week in the Italian town of Castellammare di Stabia, where women have been banned from wearing “very short” items of clothing or anything displaying “too much” cleavage.

Under the new rule, women who flout these rules, which Mayor Luigi Bobbio says have been introduced to combat falling levels of decency, will be subject to a £262 fine. Happily, though, the measures aren’t quite as extreme as they sound, as police officers seem to have been instructed to interpret “very short” as “short enough for the person’s underwear to be seen”, and we wouldn’t imagine there would be THAT many people wandering around Castellammare di Stabia with their undies on show. Are there?

What do you think? Should people be fined for flashing their smalls?

(Skirt image from here)

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