Real Life Fashion Police: Bette Davis sues Stop Staring

Looks like the real life Fashion Police have caught up with one of our favourite retailers: the estate of screen legend Bette Davis is currently suing Stop Staring for selling the dress shown above as the “Bette Davis dress” – an action which the actress’s estate claims infringes her right to publicity. They’re demanding that the dress be withdrawn from sale, and that they be paid damages.

Our first thought upon reading this was “damn, that’s a nice dress!” Sadly it seems to be already on the hard to find side, but we did manage to track down a couple of the dresses here, retailing for 130 euros.



  • January 15, 2011


    that’s a shame, it really is an adorable dress! xx

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  • January 17, 2011


    And I think it’s a nice tribute.
    I wonder how she must have reacted to the song “Betty Davis’ eyes?”?

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