Random Roundup | Full skirts

We love big skirts and we cannot lie… It’s no secret that The Fashion Police are big fans of full skirts, and luckily for us, we’re currently going through one of those moments when what’s “in fashion” happens to align with our own personal tastes, allowing is to stock up on some of our favourite styles while we have the chance. There’s no way of knowing how long this so-called “trend” will last, or when it’ll come back around again, so we hope you’ll indulge us today as we take a quick look at some of our current favourite skirts…

full skirts: Coast Rita skirt

Coast Rita skirt, £125

This skirt has only just been released, but already Coast are calling it a “best-seller” and urging shoppers to get it before it’s gone. An attempt to build hype? Well, perhaps: the skirt is still in stock in all sizes, but it’s so pretty that we can’t see it hanging around for long, hyped or not.

black midi skirt

River Island box pleat midi skirt, £35

A little less dramatic, and a LOT less expensive, this River Island midi skirt uses box pleats to create a full, structured shape, which will be wearable enough that you won’t need to save it for special occasions.

H&M wide skirt

H&M full skirt in burgundy, £34.99

H&M have released this skirt in several different colours and lengths over the course of the last year or so. It’s currently available online in burgundy, black and light grey, and give you a whole lot of skirt for just £34.99. Trust us on this one.

Collectif Liesel Blackwatch skirt

Collectif ‘Liesel’ blackwatch skirt, £49.50

Collectif’s ‘Liesel’ skirt has the added advantage of coming in a seasonally-appropriate blackwatch tartan print. Don’t worry: those straps are detachable, so you can easily whip them off if you feel they’re too “costumey”!

Hell Bunny Adelaide skirt

Hell Bunny ‘Adelaide’ skirt, £27.50

Finally, Hell Bunny’s ‘Adelaide’ skirt combines, not just one, but THREE of our favourite things: full shape, green fabric, polka dot print. Oh, and it’s on sale for just £27.50, too: perfect!

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