The Cold Shoulder: Rachel McAdams at the ‘To the Wonder’ premiere

Rachel McAdams in a green one-shouldered dress

We want to love this, we really do. Well, we have a bit of a soft spot for Rachel McAdams AND for the colour green, so the combination of the two should be a sure-fire winner, right?

But… the shoulder. The cold shoulder. We’ve never really learned to love the one-sleeved look on a dress (or a top, for that matter), because it always seems to leave the outfit looking unbalanced somehow, like poor Rachel jammed her sleeve in the car door on the way to the premiere, and no option but to just rip it right off, leaving one arm bare.

On the other hand (or arm, rather), this dress has a nice dose of drama to it, and we do love the half of it that contains an arm.

What do you think? Is it a crime of fashion, or is it completely ‘armless? (Boom boom!)


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