Rabbits, pigeons and antelope: our weekly fashion crime roundup

This week’s look inside the Fashion Police jail is a relatively short one: the summer sales have somewhat curtailed the activities of the usual fashion criminals, but don’t worry, we’re sure the winter collections will be along soon to make up for it. We do have a few suspects to parade before you today, though, and we’re kicking off with this one:

bunny sweater

Bunny sweater, $235

This would be totally adorable… on a toddler. You all know how we feel about dressing like a toddler, right? You should also probably know how we feel about items of clothing which require their wearer to pose in a certain way in order to properly showcase the look: in this case, even if you want to accept the idea of adults dressing like children, do you REALLY want to have to walk around with your hands above your head all the time, so people can see the bunny ears on your $235 sweater? Thought not.

Meanwhile, over at Nasty Gal, just in case you missed last week’s memo about “nipple shirts“, this model is helpfully demonstrating just why we hate shirts designed to draw attention to The Girls in this particular manner:

model in shirt with lemon detail

Nipple shirt, $38

Stay classy, Nasty Gal.

Meanwhile, this is inspired by pigeons, apparently:

pigeon fashion

We particularly like the shoes.

Now that we’ve shown you clothing inspired by rabbits and pigeons, we think it’s only fair that some other animal gets its turn in the spotlight: maybe an antelope, say?

antelope print pants

Roberto Cavalli pants, £567

Honestly, we don’t expect much from Roberto Cavalli. We think this is a new low, though, because £567 for a pair of antelope-print pants? It makes the pigeon outfit seem almost reasonable, doesn’t it?

Well, does it? Which of these fashion crimes is the worst, do you think? Tell us in the comments…


  • August 3, 2013


    It makes me Vomit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ><' 😛

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    • August 5, 2013


      True! And the pigeon outfit does not look like a pigeon at all to me, but rather like recycled pizza. How I’d hate to have such a half-digested mass hanging from my shirt front… But the antelope pants are worst, because the print is so horribly realistic.

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  • August 7, 2013


    The pigeon model looks like she might cry. Me too, pigeon model. Me too.

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