Dress of the Day: Purple satin topped dress by Betty Jackson Black

Betty_jackson_dress This dress may not look like much to write home about in the picture, but we’re willing to bet it’ll look a whole lot better in person, especially when worn with a pair of high, high heels, and maybe some seamed stockings, to play up that 40s look.

It’s the tailored, 40s style shape that attracts us to this, needless to say, although the deep berry colour is also a winner as far as we’re concerned, and a great alternative to black.

The satin bodice, meanwhile, gives it a bit of sex appeal, the narrow belt nips in the waist, and as for the pencil skirt… well, we reckon its hard to go wrong with one, really.

This dress is by Betty Jackson Black, and is available at Debenhams, where it’s £59. It’s totally sold out on line, though, so if you like it, you’re going to have to visit the store in person.


  • October 24, 2008


    Mmmmmm, deliciously, classicly sexy! Wear this to take away all the attention from the trashy stuff…..

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  • October 25, 2008


    Oh man. I would LOVE to own this dress. I have a blouse that’s the same colour and I get tons of compliments on it, so I can just imagine how this would look.
    However, I’m quite certain I would not be able to find this in Canada.

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  • October 28, 2008


    Gorgeous! It looks to me like something Joan from “Mad Men” would wear (and rock!)

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